Prometheus Bio-Medical signed an agreement with EVEX Medical Corporation

„Prometheus Bio-Medical signed an agreement with EVEX Medical Corporation ( ) and will be utilizing EVEX’s Research Sites for Clinical Trials.
„EVEX Medical Corporation combines 46 Hospitals and Clinics throughout the Georgia. All hospitals and clinics are modern high-tech multitypes institutions. Number of patients is more than 1000000 per year. EVEX Medical Corporation is Georgia’s single largest site solutions organization having experience of coordinating conduct of over 50 clinical trials across several therapeutic areas. EVEX Medical Corporation comprises of over 30 Clinical Research Coordinators, over 30 Principal Investigators and over 50 Investigators  on its panel across 12 sites. EVEX Medical Corporation conducts trials in phase II, and III wherein over 100% of clinical trials coordinated are international multi-centric trials.
„EVEX MC has established a benchmark in terms of ethics compliance and standards across its sites. EVEX MC also has built an in-house capability in ethics and quality assurance for clinical trials across multiple sites.
„Currently, EVEX MC is in the process of further consolidating new centers within the EVEX MC Hospitals wherein almost 3 new centers are likely to be part of EVEX MC Sites for clinical trials in order to promote clinical research in a best-in-class trials management framework.
„When conducting a clinical trial within our healthcare facilities, we pay particular attention to upholding the ethical standards defined by the GCP , GOG, the WHO, the Helsinki Declaration, and the U.S. Government DHHS/OHRP.
„For the first time in Georgia Evex MC has accredited Continuing Medical Education program “Good Clinical Practice” complete an approved Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (N 02/21451  25/03/2015 რს 261). Author and Head of the accredited Continuing Medical Education program “Good Clinical Practice”.

 Prometheus Bio-Medical looks forward to make difference in the patients lives.